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In this interview with Herby Fabius of BillionSuccess, Ia Jimenez shares the Top 3 Mistakes she made early on in her coaching career. She also discusses what she learned from those mistakes, the actions she took to improve her coaching and consulting practice, and the importance of understanding marketplace demand and value.

Highlights in this interview include:

* How entrepreneurs need to understand their marketplace value and improve their negotiation skills

* The importance of honing in on your key strengths

* Knowing your ideal client.

* The value of balancing an in-person, local networking strategy with online marketing efforts.

To read Ia's interview "My Top 3 Business Mistakes" with BillionSuccess online magazine, click here.

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In this podcast with Mike Sheffield of Outlier Magazine, Ia Jimenez teaches how to harness "The Power of Belief in Entrepreneurship". Ia and Mike cover a range of topics including the importance of having a mentor, how managing your emotional agreements helps you take control of your beliefs and tips on how to strengthen your online brand.

Highlights in this podcast include:

* Mentors will tell you the things you need to hear, that no one else will tell you.

* We often forget that we need to brand ourselves, not just our business.

* Learn how to own your accomplishments so you can effectively articulate them in the marketplace.

* Master your thoughts, break agreements that don't serve your life and change your beliefs.

* No matter how big or small the job, execute with a spirit of excellence.

* Don't despise small beginnings. That is where you find wisdom, experience and persistance.

To listen to Ia's podcast interview "The Power of Belief in Entrepreneurship" with Outlier Magazine NOW, click here.

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